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Do you need Federal District Court representation for your Social Security case?
We specialize in filing civil actions against the Social Security Administration in Federal District Court. Give us a call at 760-999-2299 and schedule a free consultation so that we can evaluate your case.
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Caring Rancho Santa Fe law firm guides you through the Social Security disability maze

We specialize in filing civil actions against the Social Security Administration after a judge denies your case after a hearing. We take a limited number of cases at the lower levels (initial filing, Reconsideration, Hearing). Call us for a free consultation at 760-999-2299. Are you planning to apply for Social Security Disability? Martha's book, the Applicant's Guide to Social Security Disability, is a no nonsense guide to applying for benefits. It's written in plain English - no legalease! Get her book on Amazon: The Applicant's Guide to Social Security Disability: The Plain English Guide to Understanding the Process so that you can WIN your Case: Yancey, Martha: 9780692096543: Books Review from C. Reeve: "The book accurately described all the previous steps that I'd experienced so far in the process, and it explained that it's a logical process and delineated what to expect next, eliminating a lot of the intimidation. It answered all my questions from before, and about the remainder of the process. It gives a clear flowchart of the process. More importantly, it offers great suggestions for how to present my application accurately, thoroughly, and efficiently. It's a real "guide", it walks you through like a friend, a hand-holding comfort that takes away some of the fear and the unknown during what is a frightening, confusing, and desperate time. What I found most helpful was the warmth of the author, the human touches throughout her book, her injections of light humor - at a time you really, really need it."  

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My law firm, Yancey Law, PC, provides complete solutions to people seeking Estate Planning and Social Security disability benefits. For a free consultation at my Rancho Santa Fe office, call me at 442-254-2803 or contact me online.
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