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5 Things You Can do to Help Your Disability Claim

The ultimate decision on whether benefits are granted lies in the hands of the Social Security Administration. Most claimants feel trapped, as a determination of their disability is beyond their control. Many claimants begin experiencing anxiety symptoms, as a result. Here’s some good news (finally!!): there are several things that YOU as a claimant can do to help win your case. Here are my top 5 suggestions:

1. GO SEE YOUR DOCTOR. All caps — I am yelling at you. Sorry. You MUST see a doctor. Without medical records, you have no case. Social Security needs medical evidence to make a determination. Without medical records, your case will be denied, plain and simple. The better developed your case is with medical records, the better the outcome.

2. Let your doctor know that you are applying for Social Security Disability. It’s no secret that Social Security Disability claims generate a lot of paper and a lot of requests from your doctor’s office to generate medical records, fill out forms, and the like. Not only is it considerate to notify your doctor that they are about to get numerous requests for records, it is smart to initiate a conversation with your doctor about Social Security Disability, which leads me to #3.

3. Talk to your doctor about whether she (or he) supports your decision to apply for Disability. Having your doctor 100% behind you is the best position to be in. What if your doctor doesn’t support your decision to apply? You will have a MUCH more difficult time getting approved for Disability. Let your lawyer know that your doctor isn’t supportive of your claim. The worst position to be in is having to deal with a letter from a doctor stating that your client can work.

4. Make sure that your doctor is documenting your symptoms and complaints. The better documented your medical conditions are documented, the better your claim is! I’ve had some seriously disabled clients whose doctors scribbled notes which were completely illegible. Most of the time, there is additional evidence in the form of lab reports and imaging reports that can be used to prove your case; however, it is much easier if your doctor is taking legible, detailed notes. How do you control your doctor’s notes? Ultimately, you can’t! I would suggest having a gentle conversation with your doctor explaining that your doctor’s notes become the cornerstone of your case and need to be complete and accurate.

5. Comply with you doctor’s orders. Sensing a theme here? Cooperation with your doctor is essential to ultimately getting Social Security Disability benefits. Non-compliance can hurt your case.

Following these 5 suggestions isn’t a guarantee that you will be awarded Social Security benefits. However, following these 5 suggestions will go a long way in helping your case. There are many factors that go into a successful Social Security Disability claim. Contact Yancey Disability, Inc. to discuss your case.

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