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Wondering how long it will take to get a hearing?

On the date that you request a hearing, the clock starts ticking. The wait times vary according to the hearing office that has been assigned to hear your case. Below are the wait times for all of the hearing offices across the country (in months). These numbers are current as of June 2018:  MADISON  22.5 Read More

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What Is The Reconsideration

If your initial claim is denied, you will get a denial letter that has a deadline to file your appeal. Do not miss this deadline. You can file your appeal by any of the methods that you used to file your initial application. This appeal is called Reconsideration. 10 areas of the country actually skip Read More

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Drug And Alcohol Addiction And Social Security Disability

Check out Martha’s article about Social Security Disability, drug addiction, and alcoholism published on  

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What Happens To My Claim After I Apply

Your application for Social Security Disability benefits is called your “Initial Application.” Now that you’ve applied and your Initial Application is filed, be prepared to wait about 4 weeks. Why so long? A few things are happening.   First, your application is forwarded from the federal government at the Social Security Administration to a state Read More

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What Is An Onset Date

Your onset date is that date that you became disabled. For a lot of you, that is the day that you stopped working. It could also be the date of something significant, such as an accident or a surgery; something that happened and afterwards, there was no possible way you could work.   Your onset Read More

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What Are Auxiliary Benefits

If you qualify for Title 2 benefits, then your minor children and spouse may be eligible to receive a monthly check. These benefits to your family members are called “auxiliary benefits.” For your children to receive monthly benefits, your children have to be: under 18, an adult who was found to be disabled before he/she Read More

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How does drug addiction and/or alcoholism affect your case?

The current law is the “Senior Citizen’s Right to Work Act of 1996” that eliminated Drug and Alcohol Addiction as a basis for Disability. The Act says that individuals are not disabled if the drug and alcohol addiction is a contributing factor to the individual’s disability.   That is to say that if your disability Read More

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Type of Social Security Disability Benefits: Title 2 and Title 16

There are two types of Social Security Disability benefits. The first kind is called Title 2 by the Social Security Administration; the second kind is called Title 16 by the Social Security Administration. When the Social Security Administration refers to these benefit programs, it is actually referring to the programs’ legal titles under the Social Read More

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How Worker’s Compensation Settlement Affects SS Disability Benefits

How does SSA offset work for Worker’s Comp benefits? Let’s say you received a lump sum. To calculate how much SSA would offset, SSA first calculates what your maximum amount of benefits would be – they call this the “applicable limit.” The applicable limit is 80% of your pre-injury income, which is what SSA calls Read More

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SSA now 70,000 decisions backlogged

Wondering where your decision is? The Social Security Administration is behind in writing approximately 70,000 decisions. That number is growing every day. I was told by a judge last week that some claimants could wait more than 5 months to receive a decision! This is plainly ridiculous. After waiting YEARS to go to a hearing, Read More

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